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Ottawa and Surroudings Young Writers' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ottawa and Surroudings Young Writers

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Sunday afternoon readings, spoken word & music [14 Oct 2009|03:09pm]

The long-running
is happening again this weekend!

This semi-monthly series is dedicated to showcasing the best in literary talent and fostering the artistic community.
The show includes a featured reader or performer and a musical guest, followed by an open-mic session -- so if you've got any poetry, fiction or spoken word that you'd like to share with the world, bring it along.

And this Sunday's feature will be:
Click here for bioCollapse )

Plus special musical guest:
spoken-word powerhouse and musician; former CBC Poetry Face-Off Ottawa champ, and past opener for the likes of Shane Koyczan and Raffi

And if you get the munchies, no worries -- there will be reasonably priced yummies for sale, courtesy of B Goods!

Sunday, October 18, 2009, 2:00 p.m.
Swizzles Bar & Grill, 246B Queen Street (between Bank and Kent)
No cover!
Click here for Facebook event page

(coming up in November: Catherine Owen, Gary Dimmock, Bywords fall launch)
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This Saturday: [31 Mar 2008|12:46pm]

Come out to hear the best performance poetry Ottawa has to offer at the next

It's the last slam competition in the Capital Slam regular season -- the last chance for poets to try to qualify for May's semi-finals. The show will be hosted by Marcus Jameel.
Plus there's also a limited, non-competitive open mic, so if you've got something to read or perform, why not bring it?

The featured performer of the evening will be Toronto spoken-word satirist Jeff Cottrill.
Click here for bioCollapse )

Saturday, April 5, 2008, 7:00 p.m.
The Mercury Lounge, 56 Byward (in the Market)
$7 cover (or free for performers)
More info at www.capitalslam.com

Hope to see you there!
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STREET SALE TOMORROW!!! [20 Jul 2007|03:28pm]

HUGE YARD SALES ON ALBORO CR!!! at least three families participating, plus a chance of many others.

My family alone is selling a good computer, computer parts, books, toys, furniture, games, electronics, bags, accessories, kitches equipment, pet cages and carriers, BIG Christmas Decorations, movies, CD's, you name it, it will probalby be there, and also featuring collectibles, and a queen size bed. NEER been around smoke, never dirtied or stained or been around pets.

Who KNOWS what the other families are selling!

So bring your family, parents, friends, children, sisters and brothers, theres something there for EVERYONE at cheap prices. We are doing this not becasue its junk but becasue we have lived in this house for over 15 years and htings have piled up. Thats not saying everything is old, there is ALOT of brand new things also.

Alboro Cr is close to Gloucester centre/Silver City take bathgate up until Matheson, and then on matheson there is Alboro, you wont be able to miss us. From about 10 in the morning until god knows when! lol Hope you can show up!
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please help [18 Jun 2007|01:16am]

[ mood | worried ]


Please read this as it would mean alot to me personally, no its not a chainmail or anything like that. My name is Emma, I am 20 years old and live in ottawa. I have many issues in my life, I suffer from panic disorders, anxiety problems and many other issues, however something has greatly helped me through all this, and what is helping me, is going to come to an end unless I do something about it.

I am not a bible thumper by any means. I used to make fun of church goers (please dont stop reading this and say to yourself "oh its a church thing") However I have recently started going back to church. I havent gone since I was baptized 20 years ago, and I am currently going to the same one, called St. Columba. In this church it is like a family, its unline any church I have ever known. The reverend is very accepting and welcoming, I even emailed him and asked him about issued I have and what the church and he thinks about those issues including gay marriage, homosexuality, abortion, divorce, and other touchy topics. He accepts everyone. When I first started going there I thought it would be weird as we were not known but they just accepted us and as I have said, it is like a family. Its the first time I think that waking up earlier in the morning isnt a chore.

Here in lies the problem. The majority of the people that go there are over 60, and on average we have about 20 people at the church. We are being threatened of being closed down. I havent been going for long, only about 5 months, but this means so much to me. PLEASE if you could come back to church it would make all the difference in the world. It dosent matter who you are, big small gay straight, black, white. We need you. I need you.

Sunday services are at 10 in the morning and are usually an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. I think that if you give this a chance, you will find that you will feel happier. I dont know what does it, I was so skeptical when I started going, and look at me, Im a big girl, I have issues, I didnt beleive in God when I started going and I am still unsure at times, but I cannot lie when i say it made me feel good when I left. Now I look forward to Each Sunday.

Its not alot of effort, its not alot of time, please help us, help me. I dont want to go to another church, this is like a family to me. I dont want to go to a conformist attitude area, which alot of churches are like.

Please give it some thought, please.

The church is St Columba Anglican Church
24 Sandridge Road

Thank you for listening.

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SUNDAY [27 Nov 2006|06:40pm]

The long-running
is happening again this weekend!

This semi-monthly series is dedicated to showcasing the best in literary talent and fostering the artistic community. For several years, it has featured poets, novelists, journalists, folk and blues bands, fundraisers, open mics, and book launches.

The show includes a featured reader or performer, followed by an open-mic session -- so if you've got any poetry, fiction or spoken word that you'd like to share with the world, bring it along. Or, you can just come to watch and listen.
And this Sunday's feature will be:

Click here for bioCollapse )

Sunday, December 3, 2006, 5:00 p.m.
VENUE CHANGE: Mother Tongue Books (1067 Bank Street)
No cover
More info here!
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Sunday Night Madness [21 Oct 2006|04:32pm]

I know this is Toronto, but if anyone in the Ottawa scene is heading to Toronto and is looking for an Open Mic.

Come one, Come all

This Sunday night at the Gladstone Melody Bar: Find your Band Night! Bring your instruments, even a kazoo, and play your heart out. Us at the Haunted Fishtank know a few too many people who are looking for a band; let this be our gift to you.

And my usual message to the poets: COME OUT AND PLAY!

Sunday October 22
Open Mic
Hosted by Molle Dorst and Marnie (this is probabily Marnie's last night with us so lets celebrate in style!)

Gladstone Melody Bar
Gladstone and Queen West
Parking across from the Drake
TTC stop right outside!

Message me for details.

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Prayer to Fire [21 Sep 2006|09:21am]

Here is the last one for now.  Once agian, I am x posting this and would like some input.  Try and keep it to something constructive.... 

Oh fire.  Why not breathe power and flame down past me?  Why don’t you eat me whole?  For it is Wednesday and my fire walker has seen coals of majestic fire, of soot and embers.

My child, speaks fire.  My cinder and destruction of dominant fire, of murderous dreams and Venus songs maternal.  Be of cloud and silent spring, of storm and sky.  Be deserving and you shalt not die.

Oh overpowering fire.  Why spark kerosene and gasoline over flame burning blissful fire?

My child, speaks fire.  Reminisce of hospital doctor replacement who was born of the sinful fire; he was cat and mouse, he was the liar.

Speak to me of power of a godly form and of will and sacrifice.  Sin raging fire, of addictions and gum for my obstruction is a dead heat.

My child, speaks fire.  Radiate selfless fire from heart, for warmth saves a cold home.  Circulate the deadly fire and you bring back my attack.

For heavens sake ring of fire, be one with the shadows for that is the key to salvation.  Climb higher radiating fire and scorch the heavens when hell breathes softly past my ear.  Bring me back to life.

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[21 Sep 2006|09:14am]

Hey everyone.  So I am posting these poems that came to me recently in a dream of sorts.  I think they all need work, so I am coming to you to see what can become of them.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

(and yes, i am x posting this in a few communities which all have different styles in hopes of learning more than expected)

Hello there Madame of pyramid

Hello my gypsy princess

Breathe slowly past my ear

Send gentile kisses from your Mona Lisa smile

Flow freely

                                    Eyes that sparkle

My moonlight and milky way



And sing your lullaby

            Forever in my peace of mind.

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xposted [21 Sep 2006|09:02am]


What have I become that you are not?

If flowers and fields,

Of wild mushrooms and majestic leaves

Forgive my wondering spirit for it knew not what to expect

Be true in the moment as video game adventures never lie

Flames’ reaching sparks

            Stardust in arms reach

It is a matter of who and where

            And we had them both

Pulsate my bass line and reverberate your every word

Maybe today we will be one with fire so great

Through sound and time

There is release

This just got 18 % more awesome

And everything makes sense

Right here

            I am right here

                        I don’t care where I was

                                    The future looks promising

                                                But right here

                                                            Right now

                                                                        This is real.

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REMINDER: Saturnalia this Monday, Sept. 4 [02 Sep 2006|04:22pm]


saturnalia: a Nekusis shindig
Monday September 4
Avant Garde Bar
135 1/2 Besserer St

Music by local DJs Leslie, IronPhoenix, and Joel. All Nekusis items (zines, jewellery, candleholders/lanterns, t-shirts, dolls, stickers, and more) must go, either on sale or auctioned off. There will be a Bad Goth Poetry 666 Slam, where the contestant who recites the worst goth poetry wins the prize. Showcasing the local Troma-like film "Bonesetter", where the people with the snarkiest during-the-movie-Mystery-Science-Theater-like comments wins a prize. Comic artists Laura Lake and Festrell will be doing free convention-like-badges and portraits for attendees (one per person) and selling their art. Event hosted by Queenie Tirone.
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Next Thursday the 22nd: [14 Jun 2006|10:04am]

The Perpetual Motion Roadshow is back!

The Roadshow is an indie-press touring circuit, an unholy combination of a vaudevillian variety show and a punk rock tour. Each month, three new lively indie performers pile in a car and do seven cities in eight days, doing shows with the bold guarantee:

This month's tour features:
literary grrrl JENNIFER WHITEFORD from Ottawa!
puppet-packing satirist JEFF COTTRILL from Toronto!

Bios of above performersCollapse )

The Ottawa show will also feature "classy dame" Robyn Jeffrey.

WHEN: Thursday, June 22, 2006, 8:30 p.m.
WHERE: venus envy, 320 Lisgar Street, Ottawa
COVER: Pay what you can
WEBSITE: www.perpetualmotionroadshow.com

Come on out and support independent art...
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Do you ever feel like you lost it? [24 Apr 2006|08:08pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

I had this poem in my head and by the time I wrote it down, it was crap. Part of that inspiration was gone (and, also, since I've been getting older and less emotional my poetry has been worse- even in terms of style!). Ever had that?

What I wrote tonightCollapse )

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[10 Jan 2006|04:46am]



In Search of '75





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Come one Come all [29 Jul 2005|07:10pm]


On August Forth there is a show being put on by poets and writers that incorporates Music, Visuals, and Spoken/Written Word.

It's called Synesthesia

Check it out and support local artists, such as myself

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Ravenswing [09 Jun 2005|01:50am]


Currently we're looking for people who want to:
1) register for a table
2) volunteer
3) perform at the Open Mic, DJ, read tarot cards, or whatnot

Click picture for more information.

apologetically x-posted to a variety of Ottawa, Canadian, Crafts & Zine-related communities
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would like to join the community [01 Jun 2005|07:26pm]

Just saying hi. I think this is a great community to start. Myself I used to write fiction but then changed to poetry, and recently Ive been turning my poems into songs. Anyway, um I'm 21, so I don't know if that's young or not. Um but I am a poet, and umm I guess I'm jsut saying hi
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