Billie Rector (billierector) wrote in ottawapoets,
Billie Rector


What have I become that you are not?

If flowers and fields,

Of wild mushrooms and majestic leaves

Forgive my wondering spirit for it knew not what to expect

Be true in the moment as video game adventures never lie

Flames’ reaching sparks

            Stardust in arms reach

It is a matter of who and where

            And we had them both

Pulsate my bass line and reverberate your every word

Maybe today we will be one with fire so great

Through sound and time

There is release

This just got 18 % more awesome

And everything makes sense

Right here

            I am right here

                        I don’t care where I was

                                    The future looks promising

                                                But right here

                                                            Right now

                                                                        This is real.

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