gothic_gawdess (gothic_gawdess) wrote in ottawapoets,


HUGE YARD SALES ON ALBORO CR!!! at least three families participating, plus a chance of many others.

My family alone is selling a good computer, computer parts, books, toys, furniture, games, electronics, bags, accessories, kitches equipment, pet cages and carriers, BIG Christmas Decorations, movies, CD's, you name it, it will probalby be there, and also featuring collectibles, and a queen size bed. NEER been around smoke, never dirtied or stained or been around pets.

Who KNOWS what the other families are selling!

So bring your family, parents, friends, children, sisters and brothers, theres something there for EVERYONE at cheap prices. We are doing this not becasue its junk but becasue we have lived in this house for over 15 years and htings have piled up. Thats not saying everything is old, there is ALOT of brand new things also.

Alboro Cr is close to Gloucester centre/Silver City take bathgate up until Matheson, and then on matheson there is Alboro, you wont be able to miss us. From about 10 in the morning until god knows when! lol Hope you can show up!
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