Billie Rector (billierector) wrote in ottawapoets,
Billie Rector

Prayer to Fire

Here is the last one for now.  Once agian, I am x posting this and would like some input.  Try and keep it to something constructive.... 

Oh fire.  Why not breathe power and flame down past me?  Why don’t you eat me whole?  For it is Wednesday and my fire walker has seen coals of majestic fire, of soot and embers.

My child, speaks fire.  My cinder and destruction of dominant fire, of murderous dreams and Venus songs maternal.  Be of cloud and silent spring, of storm and sky.  Be deserving and you shalt not die.

Oh overpowering fire.  Why spark kerosene and gasoline over flame burning blissful fire?

My child, speaks fire.  Reminisce of hospital doctor replacement who was born of the sinful fire; he was cat and mouse, he was the liar.

Speak to me of power of a godly form and of will and sacrifice.  Sin raging fire, of addictions and gum for my obstruction is a dead heat.

My child, speaks fire.  Radiate selfless fire from heart, for warmth saves a cold home.  Circulate the deadly fire and you bring back my attack.

For heavens sake ring of fire, be one with the shadows for that is the key to salvation.  Climb higher radiating fire and scorch the heavens when hell breathes softly past my ear.  Bring me back to life.

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